Q: Why did you write this book?

A: I saw so many parents losing their precious children to drugs, truancy, gangs, prisons and death, I knew I had to share my experiences. Parents in the grocery store, Walmart, the post office, and football games and they were all hurting because of their children. I even witnessed physical confrontations.


The parents felt they had lost control of their families. Thus, I was encouraged to put my journal in print hoping it will encourage some parents and save the lives of students who are willing to change course.


Q: Are you trying to reach and target a particular audience?

A: I want to reach any parent or student who may be going through those difficult years and may want to change their situation. My children went from the juvenile correctional system and became college graduates. Anyone has the potential to change and anyone can succeed.


Q: How do your children feel about you writing about them?

A: Actually they love it. Believe or not, the responsibility level is so great now that they want to help other teens achieve success. They want others to see how a change in attitude can alter the course of their lives.


Q: Are any of your children angry or upset with you because of your "tough parenting?"

A: Only when they were being disciplined. Sometimes they missed the lesson, but most often they understood the reason behind the punishment.


Q: Do you think any of the punishments were reactive or slightly over the top in some situations?

A: Of course. I had to get downright stupid sometimes. I also made mistakes while learning to become a better parent. My husband made mistakes, the kids made mistakes, hell, we all make mistakes. But it’s about learning the greater lesson while in the storm.


Q: Do you wish you could have done some things  differently? If so what?

A: Absolutely, there are many, but I’ll pin-point one. I wish I had had the common sense to insist that my husband play a more active role in discipling our children.


Q: How is your relationship with your children now?

A: We laugh about the behavior now, particularly since they are seeing life through young adult eyes. They can’t believe they were so difficult and stubborn as teens.


Q: What do you think are some of the most valuable lessons you and your husband taught your children?

A: The truth of God’s presence in their lives. To seek the Lord and His truths over all others, and to understand that Biblical guidance is the best guidance. Teaching them to be accountable for their actions helped them make better decisions.


Q: Now that the children are gone, what new challenges do you face?

A: On a more personal note, because our marriage hit some milestones, we are in the Repair, Revive, Recommit and Restore mode. So we have our work cut out for us.


Q: Do you have any future books or projects you are working on and can you give us a little “head’s up” on it?

A: Yes, most definitely. Being an empty nester, I can’t sit around eating cupcakes, gaining weight and being bored. I am working on a book about personal character building for women who have been devastated by affairs, separation, and divorce.

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