Nonfiction writing is about sharing your passions and deepest emotions. As a writer you have to love the feel of your pen or pencil gliding across the smooth paper surface. You have to love seeing your words and experiences on paper as you allow them to take form, breathe, and come to life. A writer must be willing to allow others to see through their eyes; see their weaknesses, failures, growth, love and accomplishments.


When capturing your surroundings on paper, using the God-given senses we all possess, you can open up an entire new world in the mind and you live forever on paper.


Keep supplies with you at all times. When ideas come to you, even at inopportune moments, such as before the sun rises and the birds are still sleeping, during a shower, while driving, or even in a meeting...write them down. Go over them later when you have time to organize your thoughts and ideas. Make changes and add to your writing.


Keep it exciting, keep it fresh, and keep it real.



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