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Writing my first creative non-fiction book was extremely enjoyable for me. I allowed the readers to see through my eyes and believe it or not, it was also somewhat therapeutic.  


If you have ever looked at your rebellious teenager and wondered, "Who is this person?" or cried yourself to sleep, only to wake in the middle of the night pondering, "Where did I go wrong?" Then you may enjoy Damn The Nanny . . . this is EXTREME parenting.


This powerful engaging collection of stories takes the reader on a journey from elementary through high school as four preteens and teenagers realize their mother has an unconventional method of discipline--it's called "tough parenting."


The book contains stuff parent's don't want to talk about in public: adolescent defiance, disrespect, numerous suspensions from school, bullying, juvenile detainment, and never ending explosive confrontations. Follow me as we persevere through the tumultuous teen challanges and come out with ethical characteristics, respect, scholarships, college degrees, and successful careers.


I thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading the book as much I enjoyed writing it. I hope my book and website answers your questions, at least most of them anyway.  Please don't forget to listen to the live reading.

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